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SERVICES:          Commercial & Residential

Magnifico Locksmith performs all aspects of commercial & residential locksmith service near me in Broward or South Palm Beach. We provide emergency lock-outs for home, business or auto; same-day service and advanced scheduled service appointments for Broward County & South Palm Beach. We service & install all grades & types of mechanical, push-button, magnetic & digital locking hardware, access control systems, commercial CCTV and replacement of commercial hardware. We also sell & install above-ground safes & wall safes. We provide free estimates and security inspections with recommendations to best protect your family or business from unlawful entry. All work is guaranteed a minimum of 90 days. All newly installed commercial hardware is guaranteed for one year, unless caused by vandalism, misuse, or acts of nature. 

Additional services/hardware include:
  • Medeco high security locks installed

  • Do-not-duplicate locks & keys

  • Re-key & master key lock systems

  • Storefront locks & exit push/pull paddles

  • Exit security locking bars installed

  • Residential & commercial knob locks & levers

  • File cabinet locks, keys and security bars

  • Drawer locks & mailbox locks replaced

  • Panic devices & exit alarm hardware

  • Hydraulic door closers

  • Replace commercial hollow metal doors

  • Mechanical & digital push-button locks

  • Electric strike (buzzer) systems 

  • Magnetic locking hardware

  • Access control systems

  • Commercial CCTV installations

  • Gate locks for wood, vinyl & metal fences 

  • Speciality locks to childproof doors

  • Door/lock metal guards installed

  • Peephole viewers & door scopes

  • Patio/sliding glass door locks installed

  • Pocket door locks 

  • Decorative handleset locks installed

  • Hurricane shutter keys & locks

  • Garage door (overhead door) locks replaced

  • Lockboxes supplied & installed

  • Re-keyable padlocks set to home or business keys

  • Real Estate evictions, lockouts and lock rekeys

Rekeying Locks:

Rekeying locks (changing the key) to any commercial property or home is an ecomonical way to restore your security, as compared to changing the actual hardware. Most residential & commercial locks are designed to be rekeyed, with some exceptions. There are some locks today that require a current or operational key in order to rekey them, and without having to remove them from the door. Also, there are other inexpensive residential locks that are not designed to be disassembled or rekeyed, and this would be explained or determined on site. These locks would have to be replaced in order to maintain or reestablish security. Do-not-duplicate or high security locks require that the locksmith have that particular key blank or design in their inventory, as these systems are exclusive or particular to: a certain homeowners association, business entity, agency, lock distributor or locksmith company. This would have to be determined in person and sometimes over the phone. Most residential & commercial locks can be master-keyed, where each lock(s) would be set up to restrict or accept designated keys as determined by management.

Lock Installations:

Magnifico Locksmith installs & replaces a full-range of contemporary residential & commercial door locking hardware, panic devices and exit alarms. Lock installations are performed on: metal, wood or vinyl swinging doors, manual & automatic sliding glass doors, overhead garage doors and interior wood pocket (hidden) sliding doors. Magnifico Locksmith installs locks for standard, proprietary (restricted) and high security (Medeco) applications including: mechanical keyed hardware, electronic keypads, digital & magnetic locks, push-button and proximity card or key-fob access control systems. We also install or replace locks on filing cabinets, mailboxes, wood, metal or vinyl gates, and security or screen doors. Magnifico Locksmith also installs speciality locks such as interior thumb bolts to prevent small children from exiting their home unescorted. We also sell re-keyable padlocks that can be keyed to work with your house or business keys. 

Lock Outs:

Magnifico Locksmith provides emergency & scheduled lockout service for Broward & South Palm Beach County six (6) days per week: Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Sundays between 12:00 Noon & 5:00 pm. When it comes to commercial & residential door lockouts, we can usually pick the lock open. However, certain factors determine wether or not a lock can be picked open, such as: the brand or grade of lock, the tumbler combination, spring tension and keyhole design. High security locks, like Medeco are highly pick resistant, and would have to be drilled open at considerable expense. Some residential locks today, such as the line of "smart" locks, are designed in some ways like high security locks, and would also have to be drilled open in order to gain entry,  Most cars can be unlocked, however, there are some that when they are unlocked will sound the car alarm and prevent the vehicle from starting or disable the cars computer. We do not provide lock out service on such vehicles and we do not make, copy nor program automotive keys. 

Small HeadinMagnificog website welcomes all to quality commercial & residential locksmith service near me in Broward or in South Palm Beach.

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